"Sketch Freedom Cartoon Expo" à Göteborg en Suède

Présentation des organisateurs :

This is a cocktail called "Sketch Freedom Cartoon Expo" made by the world's top cartoonists! the opening is January 22nd 2015 at the national archive of Sweden as one of the official events of Gothenburg film festival.

"Sketch Freedom" movement started in 2013 from Normandy, the same place that thousands of humans sacrificed their lives to give freedom to France and Europe to end the World War II. It’s a world movement for exiled cartoonists that is proudly hosted by Le Mémorial de Caen and started its world premiere in Goteborg during the festival. Kianoush Ramezani, the Iranian exiled Cartoonist and activist is the founder of this movement. The 2nd Sketch Freedom Expo, officially sponsored by Le Mémorial de Caen, will show the artworks that manifest the value of freedom of expression; the artists are from all over the world. Their artworks publish in the major world journals like New Yorker, MSNBC, Washington Post, Courrier International, Moscow Times, El Universal, Le Droit, etc.

Here is the artists who participated in the 2nd year:

Adjim Danngar - Chad
Angel Boligan - Mexico
Ann Telnaes - USA
Assad Binakhahi - Iran
Ayako Saito - Japan
Bernard Bouton - France
Cristina Sampaio - Portugal
Damien Glez - Burkina Faso
Daryl Cagle - USA
Elena Ospina - Colombia
Eray Ozbek - Turkey
Guy Badeaux - Canada
Hassan Karimzadeh - Iran
Jaume Capdevila - KAP - Spain
Jim Morin - USA
Kianoush Ramezani - Iran
Liza Donnelly - USA
Mohammad Sabaaneh - Palestine
Peter Broelman - Australia
Phil Umbdenstock - France
Riber Hansson - Sweden
Tjeerd Royaards - Netherlands
Victor Bogorad - Russia
Vladimir Kazanevsky - Ukraine
Xavier Bonilla - BONIL - Ecuador
Zulkiflee Anwar Haque - Zunar - Malaysia

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